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Product Review – Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

I love grilled cheese & tomato soup. Love, Love, Love! It’s pretty much the only way I like vegan cheese. So I set out to try a few new things. I found FIG Food Co at Whole Foods. Easy to make (empty package, fill package with water or non-dairy milk, stir together, heat…done)

Wonderful flavor, not too salty or too sweet. Tasted great with the grilled cheese dipped in it!

Price: 2/$6.00

Overall Rating: 4 piggies – homemade might be better

The BF back in his PV days liked grilled cheese with ham on it. So we opted to try the Lightlife Smart Deli Ham. Um, it was a big failure. The BF did not like the taste of the ham at all. He said it was weird and he couldn’t even finish his grilled cheese. Bummer!

Price: $3.59

Overall rating: 1 piggie

I opted to try two types of cheese’s. First theres the Follow Your Heart Cheddar. It was on sale and even said on the package “It Melts!”. I have no idea what it takes to melt this, but it did not melt. I grilled up my sandwich, even adding a few drops of water to the pan, then covering it to create steam to help the meltiung process…a slight softening of the cheese happened, but no real melting. Flavor was good, what I’d expect, didn’t have a weird texture, just didn’t melt!

Price: 2/$6.00

Overall Rating 2.5 piggies

Teese, from Chicago Soy Dairy was the second option I got. I’m a big fan of Teese and they’ve recently updated their products to make it more melty. No joke, this baby melted sans steam action. Creamy, melty, delicious. This cheese rocked.

Price: $3.99

Overall Rating 4.5 piggies (it’s my dislike of cheese that knocked it down 0.5)

As you can see here in my side by side compare…Follow Your Heart is on top – zero melty. Teese on the bottom – melty heaven!

Yes, the grilled cheeses & tomato soup rocked my world…or at least my lunch!

Overall satisfaction level: 5 piggies

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Product Review – Lightlife Veggie Ground Chicken

The BF & I recently went on an epic bike vacation. We opted to get hotels with kitchenettes so we didn’t have to eat out all the time. One option is pasta, spinach, sauce, and mock meat. We found this Veggie Ground Chicken…I haven’t seen it before and it was pretty darn tasty in this dish!

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Product Review – Smart Bacon BLTs

The Sister, like myself, prefers to make food as opposed to eating out all the time. So on our little trip to the Adler Planetarium and the Shedd Aquarium we packed a lunch. We did BLTs…although a modified travel version. Smart Bacon, Grape Tomatoes, Tortilla, Dijon Mustard, and Red Leaf Lettuce. I must say, this dish was pretty good. Nice, quick, easy, and portable!


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Travel – Vegan Style

I recently went on a trip to visit some family and it was one of those trips where I needed to preplan my food. Here are some quick and easy travel vegan options for when you go to see some non-vegan friendly family.

Here’s the West Soy Teriyaki Tofu served with spinach and tomatoes, brussls, rice

Another good option is the It’s All Good products, here are the “Beef Skewers”

Another good otpion is the the Lightlife Foods Ginger Teriyaki Tempeh, it has good flavor and texture and is a great addition to a dish.

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Product Review – Smart Bacon!

I bought myself some Smart Bacon to try. I also have been saving (for some bizzare reason) a tub of tofutti cream cheese. I wanted to make something yummy (spice cake with cream cheese frosting or maybe cinnamon rolls I’ve been craving) and just never actually made anything…so I busted it open, smeared it on a tortilla, added cooked smart bacon and some sauted mushrooms. And viola…instant yummy food. It rocked. The cream cheese tastes just like I remember cream cheese tasting like and I might sit down and eat the entire tub. But now, I really want to make some frosting or something with it…and cookies. Hmmm…

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