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My Dad picked me up at the airport in his fancy Honda Fit…wait, it looks a lot like mine only his is blue. Weird.

And the weather was not nice the entire time we were there, which was a bummer since I thought it would be nice and sunny, given the drought they are in.

But no, it was cloudy, and rainy the whole weekend.
Traffic was bad because of the rain.

But I managed to get a few pictures of the city. Below is the baseball stadium as we drove by on our way to the airport Sunday. Too bad it wasn’t really nice baseball weather a game would have been fun!

We did manage to get a ton of stuff for my Dads house (the main goal of the visit, besides just visiting). A new door knocker to replace the old one.

Here’s the old one…it still says the “Good’s” the people who lived there before my dad. I can’t wait to see the new knocker…yes, many “knocker” jokes were told when we bought it.

We stopped by the Container Store to get him organized! I love this store, tons of things to store, hide, organize, and contain your life!

We also got my dad a ton of new lighting fictures and some home decor pieces at this mega tent sale. We thought it would be lame, but it turned out to be awesome! See how well it all fits inside the Fit:

Now, on to the food!! Our first food stop of the day was at R. Thomas in Buckhead. I really like this place because it’s cozy and crazy all at once. They have great food for vegans and also great food for those non-vegans. R. Thomas also recycles all they’re rain water to help water all their plants. We thought it was pretty neat thing for them to do.

I had the veggie burger (it’s vegan!) and it was so yummy. I opted to get it with Snow Peas and Carrots which were equally as yummy. It was a great lunch at a great place.

After R. Thomas we stopped by Lenox mall for some shopping. I picked up some clothes for my new job and we just wandered around. My Dad and I are expert shoppers!

We did some grocery shopping to get the fixin’s for the snobby joes I was going to make for dinner on Saturday. And then headed out for dinner at P.F. Changs at the Mall of Georgia:

For our starter we had the steamed vegetable dumplings. We both really liked them and my Dad had tofu for the first time (since these had tofu in them…who knew, the menu didn’t say). He didn’t mind and gobbled up two of them. While I gobbled up the remaining two, along with some seaweed…yum!

I also had some very good tropical green tea.

I had steamed veggies with brown ride. It was especially good with the hot sauce all over it. I love hot and spicy food!

After dinner we walked the mall a bit to work off our dinner and then headed home for some much needed rest and to unload the groceries in that were still in the car!

The next day we ate breakfast at home (frozen vegan waffles with maple syrup) and then headed out to shop some more. Stopping for lunch at my favorite place…Mellow Mushroom!

I had my fav…the mega veggie (w/o cheese). It was wonderful as usual.

For dinner one night I made V’Con Snobby Joes, freaking awesome if I do say so myself. The Dad loved them too!!
Sunday it was time to depart. But not without a stop at the Flying Biscuit for some scrambled tofu. There was a huge line to get in and we were lucky to snag 2 seats at the bar, no waiting for us!

Here’s the entire plate (including non-vegan biscuit). I gave Dad the biscuit, which he said was really good. I must veganize it now…

Scrambled tofu with potatoes. I’ve never had scrambled tofu, but I must say this was an awesome dish. Now I am inspired to make my own. Anyone know how well does is it do as a leftover?

I ate evry last piece…and had to be stopped from licking the plate clean. When I make my own I’ll need to set aside portions, otherwise I might eat the entire pan.

The vacation was great and of course too short. Aren’t vacations always too short? I ate lots of good food and did lots of shopping (mostly for dad…a bit for me). I love you Dad!

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