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Travel – Greenwich & NYC

Over Easter I was in Greenwich, CT and NYC to visit my Dad. This was the first time I’ve ever been to the East Coast and I was so excited. You can check out my other blog for more about hanging with my Dad and the sites of the cities…but here you will find all the awesome vegan food we found on my visit. My Dad is always amazing about my vegan diet and he eats vegan while we’re out and lets me cook him all sorts of vegan dishes too (more on this later).

Me & Dad

Thursday my Dad had to work so I went for a run, which was planned at 3miles but ended up at about 6miles due to my getting lost! So I was ready for lunch at the Little Thai Kitchen. I usually go for spicy when I eat Thai or India food, but this time I opted to try something different and had this amazing dish!

Little Thai Kitchen - Garlic Broccoli & Tofu

I loved the flavor and the garlic was not overwhelming as it sometimes can be. The best part about the Little Thai Kitchen is that it’s only a few blocks from my Dad place and his office. He’s so lucky to have awesome food choices so close to him!

On Thursday night we headed into Stamford and wandered around the downtown area, which boasts several eateries and I had trouble choosing…Sushi, Indian, Japanese, Falafel, etc. But, once I saw the menu at Duo I was set and we went in.


I was all set to order the Asian Pear Sake, but the my Dad pointed out a drink called “Gunpowder” and I couldn’t say no.

Duo - Gunpowder Drink

This drink rocked, I would have had many more but didn’t want to subject my Dad to my drunkness so I stopped at one…but if you’re in Stamford, CT…go to Duo!

For appetizers we had the Edamame (we’re both huge fans of Edamame) and also some Steamed Vegetable Won-tons, both rocked.

Duo - Edamame

Duo - Steamed Veggie Won-tons

What struck me about the menu was that you could get a variety of dishes…curry, stir fry, sushi, it’s a great place to satisfy the masses. To take advantage of this we had a stir fry and sushi.

Duo - Sweet Potato Roll & Asparagus Roll

Duo - Sweet & Sour Tofu

This Sweet & Sour Tofu was pretty awesome. I’ve only had Sweet & Sour once before before in St. Louis and this was far better. I think it was the fact that the sauce was separate.

On Friday we drove around Connecticut to take in the sight. I love how you can drive for just a few miles and hit another town, so food & shops were plentiful and so were some beautiful buildings, rock formations, and just the buzz of activity. After driving for a bit we stopped in one such town and found Wild Ginger.

We had for starters the Edamame (shocking, I know)…It was good as well and I loved that it came in the bamboo steamer bowl. Rockin’

Wild Ginger - Edamame

The two dishes we’re great and the House Special Tofu came with a slightly sweet and spicy sauce which was very pleasing. If you’re in Darien, CT you should stop by Wild Ginger, plentiful vegan options on the menu and the service was great.

Wild Ginger - House Tofu Special

Wild Ginger - Veggie with Brown Sauce

On Saturday we headed into NYC on the train. I didn’t know what to expect of the city but I knew there was no way to see it all in one day, nor could I make it to all the vegan places I wanted to visit. I had a priority list of vegan-awesomeness and we got to most of them. Once into Grand Central we hopped onto the subway and made our way to Chinatown. I was amazed at the street vendors, and all the open markets we walked past on our way to BabyCakes NYC!

We scored a box of fresh goodies as we were among the first 10 people in the door at opening. My mouth was watering before we even got there as I have been craving vegan donuts as we don’t have those available here in MKE, so this was a special day for me…and it also sealed the deal that I must get a donut baking pan.

Babycakes NYC

Babycakes NYC - Chocolate Glazed Donut

The donuts were so fresh the glaze wasn’t set yet. I got this one fresh off the line! It had a good flavor and I liked it but, the donut below was bay far the best. It out ranked the chocolateness simply because it was unique and something I had not seen before. A Caramel Salted Donut. Yum!

Babycakes NYC - Caramel Salted Donut

After eating the above donuts we opted to save the other two treats for later snacking. Both a WunderBun and the Blueberry Crumb Cake.

Babycakes NYC - Wonderbun & Blueberry Crumb Cake

After the donuts we walked update towards Macy’s on 34th, sat down at a picnic table in the middle of what was once a street (freaking awesome to have all this space for the people, not the cars!). Enjoyed the views, rested the legs, and then headed to Terri to get some lunch. Since we were still on a sugar high we opted to just share one sandwich, the Thanksgiving, and it was incredible (tofurky, cranberry sauce, vegenaise, celery, crushed walnuts), I also plan to recreate it myself.


Terri - Thanksgiving Sandwich

Terri - Thanksgiving Sandwich Insides

As if we didn’t have enough sugar on hand, Terri also had some fresh Lemon “Cheesecake”, yeah, we got a slice. It was my fist experience with Vegan Cheesecake and I like it. The lemon flavor was very light and I would have preferred a stronger lemon flavor. I did enjoy how the cheesecake wasn’t too thick and actually seemed light. Very good texture!

Terri - Lemon Cheesecake

After eating our lunch we wound our way to Central Park and I have to say I was taken aback by the rocks. I was totally expecting it to be flat but the rocks were incredible!

After enjoying Central Park and eating the remaining BabyCakes NYC goodness we made our way over to Candle Cafe.

We started with soup, both were awesome.

Candle Cafe - Mushroom Barley Soup & Magical Miso Soup

And then enjoyed the Quesadilla for our appetizer. My Dad loved this and couldn’t stop talking about it. I enjoyed it as well, but I think we found a favorite for him.

Candle Cafe - Black Bean Quesadillas

And for dinner we split the Paradise Casserole, which I found to be a wonderful combination of flavors. The sweet potatoes were light and fluffy, which the millet was nice and firm. Great flavor and I liked the presentation of it being served over greens (which were great as well…I love my greens!)

Candle Cafe - Paradise Casserole

And, as if we didn’t eat enough sugar, we got dessert too…

Candle Cafe - Marble Bundt Cake w/ Vanilla Soy Ice Cream

After stuffing ourselves we scored a Taxi and made our way back to Grand Central for our Train (express this time) back to Greenwich.

Sunday we had breakfast at home and then headed out for a tour of Greenwich and stopped for lunch at Thai Basil. Again, another great little gem found just driving around.

We got the spring rolls to share and then I opted for the Tofu with Chili sauce, great level of heat in the dish but not too terribly spicy.

Thai Basil - Spring Rolls

Thai Basil - Tofu Vegetables with Chili Sauce


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