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Vegan MoFo – Day 21 – Travel – The Coffeehouse

I went to Bloomington-Normal, IL this past weekend with The Aunt. She had a red hat luncheon that I tagged along to (I’ll post about it tomorrow!) But on Sunday before I headed back to CHI on Amtrak we went to breakfast at the Coffeehouse & Deli. We arrived and I was a little confused about where to sit/order, etc. For any future travelers to The Coffeehouse, the menus are in the front, in a basket to the left of the cash register. You order everything at the front. Then you get a number and take it to your table, they’ll bring the food out.

I went a little overboard and ordered several items from the menu. A vegan pancake, tofu scramble, soy sausage, and tofu bacon.

The pancake was awesome. It had great flavor and texture. Very good! If you go a recommend a huge pile of them. You can order them individually too!

imageThen I ordered the tofu scramble. It was underwhleming at best. It was largely potatoes with a lot of peppers, onuions, and soy sauage, with a bit of tofu and tomatoes in the mix. Sorry, but when I think of scramble I think of lots of tofu, then some, onion, peppers, tomatoes, spinach…and then potatoes on the side. There was no additional seasoning to the scramble either, I think some added herbs would have been nice, but the only available spices I could add myself was salt and pepper. If you like your scramble with lots of potatoes, onions, & peppers…this scramble is for you! It was alright, just not what I was expecting.
imageThen, so The Aunt could try it out we got a side of soy sausage and the tofu bacon. The sausage had great texture, but it was really spicy. That’s saying a lot since I love spicy food. The tofu bacon didn’t have a lot of flavor, so the sausage won out of the too. I bet the sausage would be great on some toast w/ vegan butter. Next time maybe (although they don’t have vegan butter, that I could see or find).

Another nice thing about The Coffeehouse was that you could get a pitcher of coffee (about 3 cups worth) so that freaking rocked! Overall the experience was good and it was a great find in a small(er) city that had plentiful vegan options…I saw vegan chocolate cake in the case too!

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