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Travel – MKE – Cafe Corazon

I finally made it out someplace new in Milwaukee…Cafe Corazon! After being recommend by several Milwaukee area twitter friends. So The BF & I headed out try out this new (to me) place. It was very busy (Saturday night) and we sat at the bar. The bartender was not the best…sort of rude and cranky with everyone. But, other than the cranky bartender everything else was great. Vegan options were plentiful and the options were clearly labeled (except the Torta…I was hoping get but was told because its made with bread it wasn’t vegan…so I’m not sure what kind of bread its made with but decided on something else).

The BF got the enchiladas with herbed tofu. The only thing I’d change is putting a bit more sauce on these. The flavors were great, just a bit dry since the sauce was only on the outside of the enchiladas.

I opted for tostados – very good, crunky, messy, and just awesome! Topped with black beans, rice, and herbed tofu – yum!

We also got grilled veggie tacos, since The BF is a bottomless pit we get a lot of food. These were very good. The veggies were cooked perfectly, still maintaining texture and flavor.

Overall, I was pleased. The food was good and served up quickly. I’d be willing to try it again and perhaps sit at a table to see if the servers are a bit more friendly.

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Travel – MKE – Riverwest Coop

Last weekend The BF, myself & my friend Chris went to Riverwest Coop for  brunch. I finally (finally!) have eaten everything vegan available on the menu. I got the Bi Bim Bop and it was huge and really good. Although I think it might make a better lunch options – coffee does not go well with this dish. But, I enjoyed as much as I could and then made The BF finish my plate. I  was so full!

The BF went classic with French Toast and Vegan Sausage (his favorite at the Coop)

My friend Chris got the Banana Pancakes – and I failed by not getting a picture of it. But they were fab, trust me.

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Travel – MKE – Comet Cafe

On Sunday after I did my P90X workout, then attended Church we headed out for – Yummy Yummy Brunch! I wanted pancakes so we went to Comet Cafe. The BF got the scramble plate and it left him still a bit hungry (that man can eat!) so we ended up getting another pancake to help fill him up. I went with a single pancake and a side of scramble…also some wonderful minty hot tea so warm me up. All in all a great meal. Also – if anyone knows what they season the scramble with, tell me. It was fantastic – by far one of my fav scrambles around. I don’t know what it is that makes it so fantastic compared to any other scramble, but it rocked.

The BF: Scramble Plate

mtbVegan: Side of Scramble & a Vegan Pancake

I mean really, who doesn't love a nice vegan pancake?

mtbVegan: Minty Tea to keep my warm (& awake!)

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Travel – MKE – Bean’s & Barley’s (x2)

Last weekend I went to Bean’s and Barley’s twice…I know!

First with my friend Amy W. to get refueled after riding at Ray’s Indoor MTB Park! I stuck with some classic dishes, which were awesome, as they always are.

Non-Dairy Black Bean Burrito
Apple Pie

Then the next day The BF & I went for dinner…and even though I tell him repeatedly that he is not a big Bean’s & Barley fan we still end up here, because somehow, each time he doesn’t believe me.

The BF: Balsamic Tofu Sandwich
mtbVegan: TLT – Vegan, On Rye

I, however, love Bean’s & Barleys. My sandwich was great (as this is my fav sandwich). The BF’s sandwich tasted really good too. However he said (again) that the portion was tiny and that there weren’t a ton of vegan options. I do agree with the somewhat small amount of vegan options, but I its a nice option, different food, and I think it’s the perfect amount of food.

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Travel – MKE -Comet Cafe

This past Sunday I headed to MKE with my friend Amy to ride at Ray’s MTB Park. We had a blast riding and afterwards grabs dinner, with The BF, at Comet Cafe. Amy & I both opted for Chili Fries and a side of beer braised brussels sprouts (who could resist beer braised Brussels, not me!) IN fine Comet Cafe fashion everything was wonderful. I love their chili, so very very good!

For dessert I opted for Apple Pie – fantastic choice. I even got it warmed so it was extra yummy. Too bad they don’t have vegan ice cream, because warm apple pie with some vanilla ice cream would have been fab.

The BF had my new fav meal optiong – the open faced “meat”loaf sandwich. Everyone got dessert too. The BF scored the last Red Velvet cupcake while Amy opted for the Lemon Raspberry cupcake. They all looks so good!

If you are ever in MKE be sure to stop by Comet Cafe, vegan options are plentiful and they all taste amazing. I have never really been disappointed there (sometimes you get the bottom of the pan french fries, but otherwise – wonderful!). Breakfast there is really awesome too!

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Travel – MKE – Riverwest Coop

Who doesn’t love breakfast food? Um, yeah I love it! Here’s another peek at some wonderful eats at Riverwest Co-op. The all important French Toast (yum, best french toast in MKE!)

I opted for the breakfast sammie with roasted potatoes. I love this sandwich. It’s like a deluxe “egg”muffin. Scramble, tomato, spinach, soy sausage, vegan mayo…awesome.image

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Travel – MKE – Rio West

Wow – I lost track of this post. The BF & I went about a month ago, but….It’s always nice to find new vegan options. The BF found Rio West. Just ask and they’ll tell you what all is available vegan, super friendly and great tasting dishes.

I opted for the enchiladas. Filled with roasted veggies, side of vegan rice and black refried beans. Very good dish, wonderful flavors and textures with the veggies.

imageThe BF opted for a burrito filled with vegan rice, black refried beans, and roasted veggies.
imageHe also got a side of a soft taco with roasted veggies.
imageAll the flavors were great, but the only downer was about 2 hours later and we were hungry again. Not very filling of a meal. But it was good.

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Fuel Cafe

I have heard of the chili at Fuel Cafe and how totally awesome it was. I finally made my way over there on a very (read:very) cold day. The BF & I both scored a bowl – his with noodles, mine without, both with cheeze and onions.


It looks and smelled good, so I dug in. It wasn’t as awesome as I was expecting. Good, yes, worth the hype, no. It felt a bit thin and did not have enough spice to it…a bit bland. So yes, it made me warm, and yes, it was good. But if you already have a chili you think is rock solid…stick with it.

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Travel – MKE – Centro Cafe

Basically I like two things at Centro Cafe in Riverwest – both involve the Vegan Neatballs. Pretty much any pasta dish:


And my personal fav, the Neatball Sandwich. Freaking awesome.

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Travel – MKE – Beans & Barley’s

Oh Beans & Barley I love you!imageBrunch on Sunday after Church when I was in MKE last weekend.

I asked (even though I knew I would be told no) if the cinnamon pancake special was available vegan…but it wasn’t. However, the Espresso Icing that went with them WAS vegan…so I got that go with my plain cakes and a side of vegan sausage.

The espresso icing rocked. I don’t like things overly sugary (read: I’m not a syrup fan, I drink black coffee…I tend to cut the sugar in recipes in half). So the bitterness of the espresso with the sugary icing went very well together. Big winner here!

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