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Travel – OH – Szechwan Style!

While in Cleveland over the weekend for the Ray’s MTB Park Women’s Weekend I was able to hit up Szechwan Garden for some amazing Szechwan/Hunan Cusisine…and it was vegan, of course! We managed to get a group of 8 out to dinner and three of use opted for some vegan options. My friends were nice enough to share, so we all got to try three different dishes…awesomeness was sure to follow. First was the Cashew Tofu. Amazing flavor, highly recommend this option if you go.

Second was the Mandarin Eggplant…Oh My Goodness. It basically melted in my mouth. We went for the medium spicyness and we all thought we should have gone for more heat. I’ll remember that next time. Again, awesome dish, however it is just the eggplant so I’d get it more as a shared item so you can get some other veggies/protiens as well. I can’t imagin it being the only item I would eat for my meal, but it’s a great addition to anything else on the menu.

Third was the vegetable bundles. Tofu and Veggies wrapped in tofu sheets and baked up. Good flavor, but probably over cooked this one as the bottom of the bundles were a bit tough to chew. I’d be willing to try it one more time to see if it was a random thing.

If you happen to be in Cleveland, Ohio you need to check this place out. Totally awesome!

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