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Travel – Seattle – Pizza Pi

Talk about the best damn pizza I have ever had…no joke, hands down, I think this rocks more than my beloved Mellow Mushroom…scary, but true! Pizza Pi in Seattle is an ALL VEGAN pizza place…oh goodness I wanted to jump up and down when we got there…shout for joy, you know, like the crazy vegan I am.

The BF & I contemplated the menu…debating on several different pizza options before deciding to get two smalls….

The Thai Chicken

The Cheesesteak (with stuffed crusted!)

Both Pizza we got with Daiya Cheese (The BF prefers this to Teese, all pizzas come with Teese, it’s extra for Daiya)

Then for dessert we got the Chocolate Chip Cookie Pizza and a side of Vanilla Soy Ice Cream

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Travel – Seattle – Wayward Vegan Cafe

On our little bike vacation we stopped at Wayward Vegan Cafe in Seattle, WA for breakfast/lunch…you know, food!

I otped for the Griddle Combo with French Toast

The BF opted for The Warlock Sandiwch

After The BF took a few bites he told me “I could eat here everyday”. He was pleased and so was I. The menu was extensive and I wish I lived close by so I could try a few other options on the menu. It was a tough call picking my Griddle Combo…but I wanted variety and everything in the dish tasted great. If you’re in Seattle, this is a must!

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Travel – Seattle – Mighty-O Donuts

I don’t think I can say much more that these pictures do…Mighty-O Donuts are amazing.

My mouth was watering.

And there they are…french toast, chocolate glazed, chocolate cinnamon & sugar, chocolate raspberry glazed…um, we got another dozen too. Sorry no pictures of it, but there was also vanilla glazed, sprinkles, vanilla cinnamon & sugar. It was a sugar high really. I loved these babies.

My all time fav donut. Chocolate Cake with Glaze.

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