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Christmas – The Day of Food – Part 1

For Christmas Day Breakfast I made my Pumpkin Oatmeal Bread, while The Aunt made Vegan Blueberry Muffins, Roasted Potatoes, and Oatmeal for me. The meal was awesome.

Dinner was quite a meal. I made a Holiday Lentil Loaf, and The Aunt made a large amount of sides, all vegan, for me and The BF. I was so excited that she offered to made a lot of the usual options vegan, for me.

Well go clockwise from the roll…The roll is from Whole Foods, then we have cranberry sauce, Holiday Lentil Loaf (went so well together…yum!), sweet corn, roasted brussels sprouts, roasted sweet potatoes and then glazed carrots (in the middle). The brussels sprouts were like I always do…EVOO & Garlic, roasted for 45 minutes. It was a great meal!

Dessert – The Aunt made a chocolate cake (the same recipe from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World, double batch), then topped with an orange glazed (OJ & Powdered Sugar). It was really good!



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Vegan MoFo – Day 22 – Red Hat Lunch

ON Saturday I headed down to BLN to join my Aunt at her Red Hat Lunch. She drove up from SPI for the luncheon and I took the train down from CHI. We had plans to stay the night in BLN, have dinner, shop, socialize (you know, do girl things!).

At the lunch, since I’m not of Red Hat age, I wear lavender and pink. The Aunt scored me a pink hat (THX!) and I found a lavender top at the sample sale at work (score!). Don’t we look lovely?

imageThe Aunt made a few vegan dishes for me to enjoy! She made German Chocolate Cake (adapted from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over The World) and Szechuan Black-Eyed Pea Salad from Vegetarian Times. This was a great dish, love the flavor, and even just a typical serving is very filling. It’s  great cold, room temp, or even warmed up a bit. I was blessed with the leftovers, so I’ve been trying it out. Also, several ladies complimented the dish. Actually both. One fellow Red Hatter has a sister severally allergic to eggs and she couldn’t stop talking about how fab the cake was. So The Aunt is going to hook her up with the recipe!
imageI made an easy dish…brown lentils, brown rice, cooked until tender. Add diced onions, some pesto season and viola! Lentil Salad. It was good, but seriously, The Aunts dish was WAY better.
imageYum, cake. I’m not a huge fan of coconut, so I tend to scrap off the icing. But the chocolate cake part rocked. As always, anything from VCTOTW is fab!

I had a great weekend with The Aunt and we even plotted out some of Christmas dinner. She’s offered to cook all the veggies without any butter or milk. I’m so excited!!!

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A Wedding & A Bike Weekend

This past week has been pretty awesome. Tuesday The BF & I headed down to Springfield, IL as the halfway point in our trip to my sisters wedding…which took place on Thursday. Wednesday night was the rehearsal dinner…and my being the only vegan in the bunch the restaurant she had the rehearsal diner at (The Stein House in Boonville, MO) created a special dish just for me. I sent in a recipe and they cooked it up. The funniest part came when they serve came around to take the orders, when he reached me I said “They should be making something special for me”, he agreed and then I said “I’ll have that”. Which was only funny because everyone in the group laughed so loud at that. I guess it was good I didn’t change my mind to the PB&J sandwich on the kiddie menu.

The dish they made for me was the Tempeh Cutlets Proven’al from Vegetarian Times. It was amazing! They served it up with steamed broccoli and over a bed of brown rice. Beyond that, they boxed up the second portion for the wedding day dinner as well. Amazing…thank you Stein House for cooking a yummy vegan dish just for me!

On the wedding day I got busy whipping up my sisters cake. I made the cake in advance and just need to fluff up the icing and get the cake decorated…it’s beautiful! The colors she has chosen for the wedding were Plum, Silver, & Gold. For a cake she requested chocolate. The I asked what type of frosting…chocolate…of course! I should have known better than to ask that…and I went with Gold & Silver sparkles for the decoration. I got it started and asked her what she thought, she opted for more sparkles…you can never have too many!

Phil & Becca, Cake Time

On Friday we all went out for dinner at India House in Columbia, MO. It was recommended by some fellow forum users and it was awesome. We started out with the Vegetable Samosa, then had four various vegetable dishes; Vegetable Curry, Channa Masala, Alo Matter, and Bharta. All were amazing. My sister liked the Bharta dish the best. My personal fav was the Channa Masala and the Alo Matter…always my fav Indian dishes.

In St. Louis we stopped by Lemongrass – Vietnamese Restaurant, per another recommendation we had the Spring Rolls, Sesame Tofu, and then the Sweet & Sour Tofu. We both prefered the Sesame Tofu, all were really good though!

We had hoped to get out for a few mtb rides over the long weekend. But the snow was timed perfectly…so that sucked. We managed one ride, in the wet heavy snow.

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Veg Times – Thanksgiving Pot Pie

Okay, I know it’s October and obviously not Thanksgiving…but, when I got my issue of Veg Times I saw this recipe and just had to make it. It sounded so good. So over the weekend I made it. And I promptly forget to take the glorious picture of it in full casserole glory. But, I did take a fairly decent picture of some leftovers…totally awesome. I love it. Great flavor, nice texture…just homey goodness. Make it…you will not be disappointed!

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Thai Red Curry

I get an insane number of magazines and I’m always tempted by the recipes in them. However, it can overwhelming to have all the recipes and little time to make them. So I decided that at least once a week I’ll make something out of one of my magazines. This week it was the Thai Red Curry from Vegetarian Times. It turned out pretty good, although I needed to up the spiciness a bit (I like my curry hot!). Served over rice and it’s an awesome meal.

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Bike Weekend Food

I pretty much always have oatmeal for my pre-race breakfast, it sticks around, and tastes good. Nice and simple food works best for pre-race, for this particular one I had…coffee, oatmeal with vanilla soymilk and banana, breakfast tempeh patties, and an apple rosemary scone.

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Veg Times – Jamaican Tempeh Patties

I made the Jamaican Tempeh Patties from Veg Times…what wonderful smells the kitchen was filled with when I made these babies. They are packed with flavor and truly amazing, ask Angela, she thought so too. I like these because they travel..this one will be my dinner after tonight’s ride (but I couldn’t help but take a picture of it right now)!

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