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Vegan Brunch – Perfect Pancakes – Piggies!

I bought this awesome piggie pancake pan from I was so excited when it arrived. So I whipped up a batch of the Perfect Pancake batter form Vegan Brunch. I love pancakes and this recipe is fantastic!

See how great they look:

One thing to note is that you do need to spray the pan each time you make a pancake. You also need to flip the cake onto another pan to finish cooking. It’s a two pan operation. I learned the hard way about the spraying the pan each time (it was an experiment!)

It still tasted good (decided to eat the messed up one…yummy!)

I prefer my pancakes like a nice PB&J sandwich…so good:

I love pancakes.

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Vegan MoFo 2010 – Day 3 – Vegan Brunch

At work we did a potluck for Halloween and I brought in the Vegan Brunch Coffee Cake (Cinnamon Fig version) to share with my co-workers. Unfortunately everyone knew I was the vegan and only 2 people tried my dish (out of about 40 people). But I enjoyed it, as well as The BF who scored the leftovers.

imageNext time I might either use fresh figs or rehydrate the dried figs and turn it into a paste to plop onto the coffeecake.

The coffeecake was fab and I loved the figs with it. The added cinnamon with the dish really brought out the flavors. I love this cookbook!

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Vegan Brunch – Blueberry Coffeecake

Last weekend I wanted to bake. So I made the blueberry coffeecake from vegan brunch. All I have to say is I love this coffeecake (and you will too!).


Among the other variety of coffeecake recipes offered up in Vegan Brunch is the Cinnamon Fig (I think…I don’t remember, but I do know it involved figs and I want it!) So I plan to make that…soon(ish!)

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Vegan Brunch – Blueberry Banana Coffeecake

For a race over the weekend I decided to make a Blueberry Banana Coffeecake from Vegan Brunch. Oh My Goodness…it rocked. I had people coming up to me the entire day telling me how awesome the coffeecake was. I made a double batch and seriously, it was not enough.
I love my Vegan Brunch cookbook and this coffeecake was to die for! Moist, full of flavor, the crumble topping was perfect too! I will so be making this again! And if you do not already own Vegan Brunch, go buy it, now!! You will not be sorry.

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Vegan Brunch – Assortment

The Pumpkin Pancakes…super moist and taste like pie. Yum, pie…

Then some Chocolate Beer Waffles, topped off with fresh strawberries…seriously tasty!

I ate the waffle with the Swissh Chard Frittata…oh my…this frittata was awesome, especially topped off with Teese. I think I like frittata’s more than tofu scramble and they’re just as easy to make, which I love. It was flippin’ amazing.

On friday I also made the Chorizo from Vegan Brunch…although I haven’t made a meal with it yet so no pictures…I’ll cook something up this week and show it off too. I did a small taste test of it…amazing. But really, how can one go wrong with anything from one of Isa’s cookbooks?

Sunday started out with a quick breakfast of pumpkin pancakes and then a nice hot humid and crazy windy bike ride. I managed to sweat out what felt like half my body weight so I was pretty zapped for the rest of the day. I did try to perk myself up by cooking more and made the Tomato Rosemary Scones from Vegan Brunch…They’re as tasty as they look here.

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