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Vegan Brunch – Cinnamon Rolls

I finally got off my lazy bum and made cinnamon rolls…these are from Vegan Brunch. I got up early, made the dough, let it rise…beat it up and let it rest a bit. Rolled out the dough…

Sprinkled it with goodness
Popped them in the oven (and also wrapped some up and froze them…so I can have some cinnamon rolls almost anytime I want. Smart idea, I think)….and here you go. This is pre-icing. Mostly because they aren’t all going to be eaten today and I think the icing part needs to be atop of freshly heated rolls. Otherwise the leftovers end up all mushy. No mushy rolls for me.
Here’s a cinnamon roll in it’s fully icing glory goodness…freaking awesome!

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