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VwaV – Pumpkin Muffins

As I said before I love all things pumpkin. With the left over pumpkin I had from my pumpkin cinnamon rolls I whipped up some pumpkin muffins (from VWAV) and these babies taste great, are super moist, and make a pretty awesome sweet treat for breakfast (or after lunch….or dinner…yeah, they’re good all the time!)


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Vegan Brunch – Cinnamon Rolls

I finally got off my lazy bum and made cinnamon rolls…these are from Vegan Brunch. I got up early, made the dough, let it rise…beat it up and let it rest a bit. Rolled out the dough…

Sprinkled it with goodness
Popped them in the oven (and also wrapped some up and froze them…so I can have some cinnamon rolls almost anytime I want. Smart idea, I think)….and here you go. This is pre-icing. Mostly because they aren’t all going to be eaten today and I think the icing part needs to be atop of freshly heated rolls. Otherwise the leftovers end up all mushy. No mushy rolls for me.
Here’s a cinnamon roll in it’s fully icing glory goodness…freaking awesome!

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Vegan Brunch – Blueberry Banana Coffeecake

For a race over the weekend I decided to make a Blueberry Banana Coffeecake from Vegan Brunch. Oh My Goodness…it rocked. I had people coming up to me the entire day telling me how awesome the coffeecake was. I made a double batch and seriously, it was not enough.
I love my Vegan Brunch cookbook and this coffeecake was to die for! Moist, full of flavor, the crumble topping was perfect too! I will so be making this again! And if you do not already own Vegan Brunch, go buy it, now!! You will not be sorry.

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Product Review – Tasty Bite

Sometimes I just don’t feel like cooking. Work has been busy lately and I’ve been staying late. On the bright side there are some really good options for quick food without having to go out to eat all the time. This month at Whole Foods there has been a coupon for TastyBite. So I picked up a few different ones to try. Last night was the Aloo Palak and Spinach Dal. I do have to say I liked the Spinach Dal much more than the Aloo Palak. Both were good, but I just love the spices used in the Spinach Dal. It was pretty darn good. So if you’re ever in a pinch and want some Indian food…Tasty Bite is a big winner in my book.

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Thai Red Curry

I get an insane number of magazines and I’m always tempted by the recipes in them. However, it can overwhelming to have all the recipes and little time to make them. So I decided that at least once a week I’ll make something out of one of my magazines. This week it was the Thai Red Curry from Vegetarian Times. It turned out pretty good, although I needed to up the spiciness a bit (I like my curry hot!). Served over rice and it’s an awesome meal.

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Travel – MKE

Another trip to the Co-Op brought on breakfast this time…specifically the Vegan Chocolate Chip Pancakes…and the Veggie Scramble. Again, completely amazing! I still prefer the banana pancakes, but next time I’m going for the blueberry…I don’t think one can go wrong with blueberry pancakes!

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Vegan Candybar

While at co-op last week I noticed the vegan candy bars! I was so excited I opted for the Jokerz bar…kind of like a snickers. It was good, but I think it needs more peanuts to be like a snickers. So that was a bit disappointing. But the overall flavor of the nougat caramel and rice milk chocolate were spot on, I just would have liked more peanuts. Next time, I’m getting the Twilight Bar.

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