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VOTC – Cheezee Rice & Bean Burrito

It might not be the most attractive picture, but this dish was quick, easy, and tasted amazing. Simple enough – just a can of pinto beans, rice, cheezee sauce and a few other things, mix it up…eat and enjoy!

Recipe 21:157, Pg 187

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VOTC – Cincinnati Suburb Chili

I used to live in Cincinnati so I was stoked to try out this recipe. It’s different than the chili I used to have there, but I guess that depends on whose chili they were modeling. This was a great recipe with some different ingredients that I was alittle worried about, but it came together well…tons of flavor, great texture. Its really good!

I served this with the Cheezee Sauce and over some quinoa noodles. Awesome, just like I remembered eating chili in Cincinnati! Tip: the chili and the noddle freeze well, I’d stay away from freezing the cheezee sauce.

Recipe 20:157, Pg 80

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VOTC – Wheatball Sandwich

Another recipe using up the rest of the Wheatballs and Cheezee Sauce and also making a new batch of Marinara Sauce! These are super fast to assemble and it tasted fantastic! It might be tiny, but it’s filling, flavorful, and I recommend toasting the bread (yum!)


Recipe 19:157, Pg 185

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VOTC – Marinara Sauce

I love marinara, this one is pretty good, quick to put together, cheaper than the store bought jars, and it freezes well. What more can I say?


Recipe 18:157, Pg 32

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VOTC – Cheezee Sauce

Another quick and easy condiment from Vegan On The Cheap! I needed some cheezee sauce for two dishes I had planned. Easy to make, but pay attention to this while heating, it goes from watery to super thick in seconds. I had to add a bit mroe liquid to it since i over heated it. Still turned out great, wonderful flavor. Can’t ever have enough cheezee sauce recipes. Here it is served over some chili (I’ll show that later!)

Recipe 17:157, Pg 36

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VOTC – Minestrone Soup with Ting “Meatballs”

This dish turned out really well. I think it needed a bit more salt (but that could be that there is no salt in my homemade vegetable stock). Flavors all blend well, the “Meatballs” were fantastic in this soup! Nice and simply, not much more to say.  Tip: freezes well, cooks fast!

Recipe 16:157, Pg 66

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VOTC – Wheatballs

I made these fantastic little babies for 2 dishes. You’ll see – later:

They were easy to put together and I opted for baking them in the oven, but they can also be cooked in a pan. It’s nice to have options! They taste great and have a great texture. Super easy!

Recipe 15:157, Pg 57

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