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VOTC – Shepherds Pie

This dish was very easy to put together and one of my favorite items – all in one. I love recipes that either involve a slow-cooker or a one pot meal. The fewer dishes I need the better. I love shepherds pie and this was a nice twist using sweet potatoes and spicy ingredients. I might try a traditional shepherds pie but top ti with sweet potatoes instead of the usual white potatoes…just saying it was a great idea!


It came together quickly and the smell of it baking was incredible. Overall very easy to prepare. Taste was spicy, but at a good level (for those who like spice!) If you don’t like spicy foods though you can still make this, just omit the chipotle peppers, I think it’d still turn out great that way.

This dish also freezes really well. So it’s a great item to make ahead and then freeze for lunches. Which is exactly what I did. I put each slice in it’s own container in the freezer and it’s been a fantastic lunch or quick dinner after a training ride. image

Recipe 9:157, Pg 153


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VOTC – Three-Bean Loaf

Who doesn’t love a little mock meatloaf? Not this girl, that’s for sure. Overall it came together pretty quickly, the cooking time took a bit and it became apparent that I need a larger loaf pan! Mine got really full, really fast! The topping on the loaf worked out well and it really compliments the overall flavor.


The loaf is great alone, with mashed potatoes, in a wrap (I’ve had with both collard greens and cabbage, both work well!). It’s really a fantastic meal in itself. image

Yum, look at the veggies in it…so very good!!

Recipe 7:157, Pg 155

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