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VOTC – Walnut Crusted Tofu

My first adventure into cooking my way through was to make the Walnut Crusted Tofu. This was actually part of a larger recipe (PG144 – Walnut Crusted Tofu w/ Spinach & Orange), but I just wanted the tofu…so I did just that. I’ll go back and make the entire dish later – because I have to officially. The tofu part of the recipe worked really well. I enjoyed the tofu on salads, in a wrap, it was great actually. The only piece I’d change was to possible marinade the tofu before hand. Otherwise it was easy and great!

Recipe 0:157 – since I didn’t make the entire recipe I won’t officially count this.


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VOTC – Spicy Ragu

Again, I must compliment the Vegan on the Cheap cookbook for another rockin’ dish. This is the Spicy Ragu Pasta. Had everything I desired and I even made my own Seitan to go with it!


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VOTC – Bean & Corn Salad with Rice

I precooked a massive amount of beans to freeze for future use and this was one of the dishes I made. I loved the flavor of the simple dressing used to combined this dish. Textures were all great and the nice thing is this dish can be served up Hot or Cold!

Seriously, I love the cookbook. Vegan on the Cheap has some great recipes and idea.


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VOTC – Mu Shu Burritos

Along with the dish from yesterday I also made the Mu Shu Burritos from VOTC. I opted to use some already prepared “ground beef” seitan for the dish, but you can either make your own, use beans, or other seitan options. I loved this dish and my coworkers even stopped by to tell me how wonderful it smelled. I spent the money on the toasted sesame seed oil, because I’ll use it again…but that made this dish wonderful! Although, in the future I think I’ll make my own tortillas (I’ve always wanted to and it’s so much cheaper!)


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VOTC – Smoky Tempeh with Cabbage & Potatoes

In my love for cooking and cookbooks I bought Vegan on the Cheap (VOTC). First because the recipes I thumbed through at first glance sounded amazing. And second because each recipe is cheap per serving. Since moving to a larger and more expensive city I’m trying to save money. I’ve been cooking a ton and freezing for my lunch and spent some time picking recipes, menu planning, and enjoying my time cooking. The first recipe I tackled was the Smoky Tempeh with Cabbage and Potatoes. The smoky tempeh was incredible and I plan to make it again…it’ll go great with almost anything and the recipe is actually separate from this dish so it’s a stand alone protein recipe. Awesome! The cabbage and potatoes were great with this tempeh preparation as well. It makes a wonderful lunch time or dinner time option.


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