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VWAV – Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies

Chocolate Thumbprint Cookies :

I filled them with blackberry jam.

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VWAV – Chocolate Chip Cookies

I made “fun size” chocolate chip cookies based on the VWAV cookie recipe. They were really good the first 2 days (soft and chewey), but after that they got a bit crisp. My sister said they were good, but she prefers (along with me) soft cookies.

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VWAV – Raspberry-Chocolate Blondie Bars

I made the VwaV Raspberry-Chocolate Blondie bars and they tasted delightful!
The raspberry sauce was really good and easy, it also got me thinking of other fruit sauces to try in the future

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VWAV – Buttery Lemon Cookies

I love my VWAV Cookbook and made the Buttery Lemon Cookies using whole wheat flour, since I had it one hand. The cookies turned out great and they had a wonderful buttery lemon flavor. A great summertime treat!

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