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Product Review – Larabars

My friend Liz brought me this snazzy box of Larabar’s as a hostess gift at Thanksgiving. I hadn’t had these before so I was super excited to try them out. These abrs are awesome because they don’t have a bunch of extra fillers in them. They are truly simple in their ingredient list AND they’re vegan – rock on! They are all moist and soft, with a bit of crunch with the nuts that are within each bar. My personal fav was the Cashew Cookie bar…yum!

imageSecond would be the Apple Pie. Really great flavor and a great preworkout snack (read: not if you’re planning a mega workout, I mean a simple short run or easy spin on the bike!)
imageThe Cherry Pie was good, but just a  bit too tart for my personal preference. Although, by the time I ate the entire box the tartness grew on me.

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