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Vegan MoFo 2010 – Day 10 – Bathroom Products Pt. 2: Hair Styling

On the weekends I use some different products – I’ve yet to find the perfect hair styling product so I bounce around various vegan styling aides. This first product (Aveda‘s Defining Whip) is great for putting in wet hair and then blow drying to get some added volume. I personally think my hair ends up to “crunchy” if I use it once my hair is dry. But it does work well in combo with a pomade…it sort of cuts the greasy feel of pomade and adds some stiffness to the hair without over doing it.


Price: $22

Overall rating: 2 piggies

I’ve also tried this Shaping Wax from Aveda. It holds really well and stands up to helmet hair from biking. However, it is very difficult to wash out. This stuff stays in your hair for a very long time. I only use it when I know I’ll be in need of something to style my hair and for it to stay without the stiff feeling of hairspray. image

Price: $24

Overall Rating: 1.5 piggies – sure it holds well, but I want it to wash out well to!

The lastest product I’ve tried is this Redken clay. It smells pretty good and works well. It holds for most of the day – if I know it’s a late night type of day, I need to touch-up before heading out. This also washes out well without any residue. image

Price $24.

Overall Rating: 3 piggies

I have yet to find that most wonderful styling product I can’t live without…so I’ll keep trying different things until something magically does everything I need it to (hold while riding bike around town, not chrunchy feeling, washes out, not sticky – you know a dream product!).

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