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V’con – Pound Cake

A few weeks ago I (finally) bought Veganomicon and one of the first recipes I tried out of the book was the Pound Cake. I added Chocolate Chips (which sort of sank a bit, but it still rocked). I gave the loaf to The BF so he could feed the masses at his work. Everyone loved it, which I’m always happy to hear.

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V’con – Jelly Donuts, Yum!

Aug 16 004, originally uploaded by MTB Vegan.

I made some Jelly Donut Cupcakes! I took a few to work for my coworker and her boyfriend, and they both loved them too. I opted to kind of cut a hole in the top of the cupcake to put the jelly in after baking, since I didn’t want the jelly to sink to the bottom. This worked well and once covered in powdered sugar you could hardly tell there was a whole. I did put the piece I removed back in to cover the jelly too. I made some with Strawberry Jam and others with Blackberry Jam, both tasted wonderful!

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